Synaesthetic Resonance

Synaesthetic Resonance is an interactive sanctuary space that envelops participants in a people-powered soundbath and lightshow. It’s a nature temple, social lounge, and immersive installation designed to bring about play, rest, and connection. This project is also pitched as an art boat to serve as an epicenter for river hangouts during the day, although it can be modified to be on land.

The core interactive elements consist of user-friendly tongue drum instruments, vibrating bass floors, and elegant kinetic and volumetric lighting enveloping the space. Robotic tongue drums, bells, and musical waterfalls will create an automated soundscape throughout the space. Participants will be able to play the environment as an instrument: all of these features will be programmed to echo tongue drums and midi controllers in the center of the space.

The vision for Synaesthetic Resonance is to give participants beautiful shared experiences through multi-sensory art and creative connection. As both a lounge environment and eloquent art installation, our project aims to provide a space where it’s easy for people to connect, rest, express, play, and be elevated. The art direction for this space focuses on the relationships between water, light, and sound. The floorplan prioritizes the serenity of sitting out in the middle of the river, while kinetic lighting and reflective decor envelope participants with a sense of enchantment. Aquatic aesthetics are emphasized through the abstract artwork painted on floors, spiral lighting layout, kinetic sculptures, water fountains, and the multi-layered shade fabric. Decor materials like broken CD mosaics and dichroic mobiles will reflect and enhance lighting during the day and night.

Feel free to check out some of our past work here: Synaesthesia Collective.pdf